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About me

Rik Ward - Kennington to Brighton - 57.6
Rik Ward

Creative Photographer

In 2014 I began in earnest to improve my photography and to digitally optimise images. I felt I'd never emulate the skilful results of accomplished traditional photographers. But then something happened: after some unorthodox experimenting, I hit upon a blending technique using 2+ images that seemed innovative - creating unique composite photos. I am yet to see any other creative working in the same way. I call my new images "photo-fusions" to distinguish them from other types of photo-compositing.

Perhaps there's a place for my photo art prints in your home, offices, reception area, etc. Large, achive standard paper prints, acrylic or sheet metal wall art look amazing. Please contact me to find out about print sizes and finishes, framing options and prices. Otherwise, please enjoy my photo-fusions on this site and do visit my blog. Thank you!

Rik Ward  2019

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