Painting, illustrating, teaching and now photography have given me extensive contact with others in those fields. I’ve always been an ‘open book’ when it comes to advising students and other professionals regarding art. Respect for my clear and candid approach when teachin...


The lighting, both natural and artificial, has often attracted me to underground and rooftop car parks. Definitely scope for some interesting

images for future composites.


Not one for capturing famous landmarks, I much prefer to look for macro and micro material in more unlikely places - down alleys, near waste bins, ordinary buildings and shops... Here's a shop image I've combined with another to produce a painterly effect I thought might r...


After a bit of searching, I came up with a shot of the base of the 'Gherkin' in the City and combined it with those gorgeous rain drops on a metal bench.


As with the metal door, this isn't an image that would be the main subject of a composite photo.

It will pair with a main image, but right now I don't know which one. Experimenting to find one is all part of the fun - and occasional frustration! I'll 

keep you posted...


This is the kind of image I love capturing. It may be OK in its own right as a photo, but I see the potential for it being blended with more conventional images to create something unique. The picture here is of a metal door panel on a new build housing project in London S...

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